Yul Brynner – Hair or No Hair?

My husband just called me out of the office to see what Yul Brynner looked like. Why would he call me? How would I not recognize that bald head he sported long before it became fashion?

yul brynner, port of new york

With or without hair, he will always be one of the best looking men who ever lived.

I was watching Yul Brynner long before I met my husband. He used to be one of my mother’s favourite actors. I think she still believes that Yul Brynner has to be the hunkiest man in the universe!

What a shock I got! I never thought of Yul Brynner as having hair! If it wasn’t for his voice, I would never have recognized him. But yes, a long time ago this fascinating man had hair.

So for today’s Throwback Thursday segment, I’m posting his movie Port of New York so you can see for yourself. You have to agree: Yul Brynner is a gentleman and a heart-throb, even though he probably would have been old enough to be my grandfather.

I couldn’t help myself; I just had to order some more Yul Brynner movies. This coming weekend is reserved for a Yul Brynner marathon.

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