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Putting Together A Writer’s Portfolio

Since it is very important for every writer to have a writer’s portfolio, I have recently started compiling mine. And it is no easy task I can tell you! Having written for a few years now, I have built up quite a diverse portfolio and then finding a way of putting it all together for you on this page, is proving to be a lengthy process. But I will not stop here. As writers we always grow and so should our Writer’s Portfolio.

One of the easiest places to find examples of my writing, is on my Contently Portfolio. I post my newest articles there – if and when I remember!


I write for a few different blogs and have learnt that it is not how much you know that matters but how much others want you to find out for them. There is always someone who needs to know something and they are willing to read what you write on the subject. Fortunately, I have a wide range of interests, so building a portfolio on different subjects hasn’t been too difficult. Here are examples of a few:

Blogging About Sport

ETP Enterprises is a magazine style blog on which I like to write about health, lifestyle, finance, parenting, business, technology and of course sport. I love writing about sport, like in this article about the Super 15:

writer's portfolio elmarie porthouse

Blogging About Health

I feel that health issues are very important. I occasionally write about health like in this article about prostate cancer:

writer's portfolio, men's health

Blogging About Travel

I think to travel is a passion most people have. Having family and friends spread all across the world, I put as much time into travel as I can possibly manage. This led me to write about travelling and everything that goes along with it. Here is an article about visiting Mount Everest: writer's portfolio, travel blogging



Blogging About Love and Relationships

I got married around the same time as I started writing full-time. So writing about love, life and relationships came naturally. I bet my husband that he is The Hunkiest Man In The Universe and I proved it to him by getting this article on the first page of Google in less than 48 hours. He is still amazed about this and to me he is still the hunkiest man in the universe.

writer's portfolio, writing about relationships

Blogging About Consumer Affairs

I can’t stand seeing people being taken for a ride by others, especially by companies they trust that then take advantage of them. So when I am made aware of a case like that, I try and get to the facts and write about it. Here is an article I published a while back about one such company:

writer's portfolio, consumer affairs

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is great, especially when you work with awesome people. One of my favourite blogs to write for is Learn How To Blog, where I mainly write about writing. I wrote this blog for them about writing a story.

writer's portfolio elmarie porthouse


Freelance Writing

Most of my freelance writing is done as a ghost writer. Because of privacy agreements with my clients, most of this work can’t be shared on my public writer’s portfolio. However, if you are interested in my services, contact me and I will be happy to share copies of some of my work that I am able to share with you. As ghost writer, I have done the following forms of writing:

  • novels
  • landing pages for websites
  • blog articles
  • official business letters

Writing for Leisure Lounges

A customer I have been doing a wide range of writing for, is Scott Rosen from Leisure Lounges. Writing descriptions for Leisure Lounge’s exquisite custom made furniture ranges is one of my favourite tasks.

writer's portfolio, copywriting

Freelance Writing for Platforms


I have written a number of articles for Ezine. Having taught in a disadvantaged area and with illiteracy so close to my heart, I loved writing this article about Illiteracy.

Writer's Portfolio Elmarie Porthouse




Writing for Squidoo is fun but also provides me valuable opportunities to build backlinks. This lens I wrote about bipolar disorder is still one of my favourites.

writer's portfolio elmarie porthouse

If you had a look at my writer’s portfolio and would like to hire me to do some writing for you, feel free to contact me.




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