If You Write What You Love, Others Will Love What You Write

If you write what you love, others will love what you write. It seems so simple and so obvious. But if it is, why do so many bloggers and writers really struggle finding engagement from their audience? Let alone getting enough traffic to their website or blog to make a real impact or earn anything from it.

love what you write

Many find it difficult to find a passion in life. They know they want to write and they want to write something that will be looked upon favourably by others. But if you aren’t passionate about your own writing, how do you expect others to be?

Christine wanted to become an online marketer. Her writing skills weren’t too bad so she knew that she could probably be successful at it. She was watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey on television one night when she had her proverbial light-bulb moment. When she saw Theresa at a book-signing, talking about her latest cookbook, she knew that she could do this too. She did not particularly love cooking but if this woman could keep her family in that mansion by writing about cooking, then she could too.

She got her blog set up, collected recipes, cooked for hours, took pictures for her blog and worked her fingers to the bone. It wasn’t long before she got a few clicks on her recipe for salt-and-pepper calamari. She was so excited when she saw that she got some traffic and she made her first few cents from Google ads!

But those few cents just remained a few cents for a very long time. One day, sitting in front of her computer after a full day of cooking, taking pictures and writing, she burst into tears. Even the cookbook she wrote was not selling. She could not take it any longer. She hated cooking. She did not want to see another pan or skillet in her life, let alone write about how much she loved it!

To calm her nerves, she sat on the couch, knitting needles in hand. Knitting always seemed to relax her. She loved seeing different garments take shape in front of her very eyes. She loved the feeling of creating something that could be of benefit to someone. In fact, she was passionate about it.

That was it: her passion! She put the knitting needles down, drew the laptop closer and started again, from scratch. She set up a blog and started writing her first article about buying the right sized needle for the job.

The next morning there had already been 15 clicks on her post. It made her feel so invigorated that she immediately started writing her next post: what to do if you can’t find the right knitting pattern.

It is now a year later. Christine has established an online community of knitters. She sells memberships to an online knitting course she created and enough members signed up that she was finally able to afford the greenhouse she wanted to have built on their property. Did I mention that Christine is also passionate about growing orchards?

Just like Christine, you may have started a blog or a website and are finding it more trouble than it is worth. Are you really passionate about what you write about? Do you really love what you write? If not, it is not too late. Rethink your passion; find your true love and write about it.

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    Hi Elmarie Some great tips thanks 🙂 Write What You Love and Others Will Love What You Write

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