The Life of an Indie Author

written page with glasses and penEarly this morning I read a blog post by a fellow author, Jennifer Moulton. I love her writing and really enjoyed reading her blog.

What really made my day (at least my morning) was when she said:

Indie writers are the bees knees. We can do what we want… when we wanna and change our minds about it the same day. BOOM! How do you like that Mr. Agent man who said I couldn’t do it without proper representation!

She gave me so much hope! Yes, I am an Indie author, doing things my way and doing it all myself. It is really hard work but the pros far outweigh the cons. Nobody can tell me what to write, when to write or how to write it. If I want to use my ‘Capetonian’ way of saying my piece, I can. If I want to write a high and mighty piece of prose, I can do that as well. I can satisfy the mood I am in by adapting whatever I am writing that day to the way I feel. I can literally pour my feelings out on a computer keyboard and let it resonate with others who have the same feelings but do not know how to channel it and put it into words. It makes me feel less alone and I know somewhere out there, there is someone who is also feeling less alone because of it.

This morning, as I was sitting in bed (it was only 7 degrees outside!), reading other people’s work, I realized how fortunate I am. While others are rushing to work, all dressed up and freezing as they rush to their cars or wait at the bus stop, I can spend my day any way I want. If I wanted to, I could have remained under the covers and earned my daily bread writing from there. But the beautiful sunshine drew me out. So now I am sitting beside the lake, enjoying the sunshine and doing what I like most: writing.

So here is to doing it my way – the Indie way!

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