South African Humour Keeps the World Laughing

South Africans face a lot of adversity. But in a country where crime, poverty and unemployment is at the order of the day, the South African spirit still shines brightly. To every South African, humour can brighten even the darkest day.

south african humourSouth African humour keeps the country running

From the Oscar Pistorius trial that grabbed the attention of the world to the upcoming national elections, one could easily think that South Africans have nothing to laugh about. But in a way, humour is what signifies the South African spirit.

There is so much in South Africa that just lends itself to humour. From the wildlife to the cultural variety found in the rainbow nation, there will always be something or someone to put a smile on your face.

Outsiders may think that it is terrible to tell jokes during times of travesty. But even before the court hearing began, jokes and memes about Oscar Pistorius were making the rounds on social media pages in South Africa. Finding a way to laugh about it, is maybe the best way people can deal with the hardships of life.

Even on Twitter, people are joking about the trial. Like this tweet from Ali Dawson:

Whatever happens, one can be sure that South Africans will always find the humour in every situation.

South African comedian, Trevor Noah, is currently on tour with his show, It’s my Culture. Here is just a short clip from the show to brighten your day.

Whatever this day may hold for you, remember like every South African, humour can make any situation a little bit better.

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4 Responses to South African Humour Keeps the World Laughing

  1. Thanks for the Monday morning laughter!! We welcomed a little 8 year-old Mexican child into our home for the summer through a cultural exchange and I totally relate with this type of communication confusion and hysterical laughter at the results. Great post.

    • Elmarie says:

      Peggy, I think language differences between the different cultures can be the cause of many confusing situations. Tony and I have had a few of these 🙂

  2. Mark Fine says:

    Thank you for the laugh :-0 Enjoyed the Trevor Noah segment. After 34 years in the US I’m still not comfortable with a taco! Good luck for the elections tomorrow.

    • Elmarie says:

      Thanks, Mark. I’m glad you enjoyed the video. It’s always good to have a laugh.
      I’m in Australia at the moment but my daughters will be voting. I’m sure they will vote for the right party 🙂

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