Does Being a Reality Star Mean You are a Success?

With the world of reality television what it is today, we sometimes fool ourselves into believing that success is a straight shot to the top of the ladder.

Donald Trump success

Why have we started to believe that success is instant?

Donald Trump says it exactly how it is:

People who think achieving success is a linear A-Z process, a straight shot to the top, simply aren’t in touch with reality. There are very few bona fide overnight success stories. It just doesn’t work that way. Success only appears to happen overnight because we all see stories in newspapers and on TV about previously unknown people who have suddenly become famous.

Could it be that he is right? Who doesn’t remember Richard from the first season of Survivor who ran around naked on a beach for a few weeks and in doing so, won a million dollars? But does that make him an overnight success? Is suddenly having a million dollars what makes you successful in life?

How much success do the winners of Survivor taste afterwards?

According to an article in the Business Insider, previous winners of Survivor have tasted varied levels of success. A few like Boston Rob and Elisabeth Hasselbeck have made careers for themselves in television. John Cochran has even become a writer for the sitcom The Millers. Tina Wesson wrote a book and is now a spokesperson for the National Arthritis Foundation. Yes, there are many success stories among our favourite Survivors.

But that doesn’t tell the whole story.

Although he still claims to be innocent, Richard Hatch spent a lengthy time behind bars for tax evasion. Other Survivor contestants who have spent time in jail after their success on the show are Judson Birza (public drunkenness) and Brian Heidik (animal cruelty).

Survivor isn’t the only reality show on television that boasts a host of successful previous winners; it’s also not the only one to have some rotten apples in the mix either. From Joe and Teresa Giudice (The Real Housewives of New Jersey) who were found guilty of a whole list of charges – including tax evasion and bank fraud – to Alex da Silva (So You Think You Can Dance) who was convicted of rape, reality stardom doesn’t seem to equate success in every instance.

So how does one become a success?

To be successful one has to be more than a flash in the pan. How many of the reality show contestants on television do you really remember by the time the next season starts? Those who taste true success have gone on not only to make a name for themselves but to taste real success in other areas of their lives.

Don’t get stuck with one success story – keep on trying to achieve even more success in your life. Richard Branson lives by the belief that you have to keep setting new challenges for yourself.

And that is what success in real life is all about. To taste real success, you have to try and try again. That million dollars from a reality show might make life a bit easier for you for a while but unless you have some substance within you to go on to the next success in your life, you cannot regard yourself as being successful. Success isn’t reached in an instance; you have to work hard for it. And once you have tasted success with something, you need to have the grit and the stamina to continue on with another project.

Don’t ride the coat tails of the success or failure you achieved ten years ago. If you won a reality show ten years ago, what are you doing now that will cause you to view yourself as a success? Sean Rasmussen describes in his new ebook (which is available completely free of charge by clicking here) how surrounding himself with the right people, helps him to be successful.

I have had various success stories all through my life (and my own list of failures as well) but I work hard every day because every morning I wake up and decide that whatever I tackle that day, I will be a success. Whether it is to be the best wife, mother and grandmother I can be or to help a client with a marketing plan that will see his business overtake some of the most successful businesses in the world, I know that every day, in some small way, I am a success.

You are the star in your own reality show called Life. Success in this reality show doesn’t necessarily mean winning a million dollars or having your name in lights. Success means doing a lot of little things right every day and persisting with it. Being an everyday success in your own life means a lot more than the fleeting success of reality television.

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