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energy makes you a money magnetI have been mulling over this subject for a few weeks now: is money equal to energy? Can energy be exchanged for money and vice versa? This concept was looked at by Sean Rasmussen in his article, Is Content Marketing a Science?

The topics he touched on in his video started me thinking: what is the real relation between money and energy? One way we can look at it is really as simple as a bartering system, where one would exchange a certain amount of work for something of a certain value or even money. In this case we can definitely say that energy = money. If your boss is being fair to you, then you will be receiving money equal to the amount of effort (energy) you had to put in to doing the job he assigned you to do. If you are running a business, then you will be able to see whether the energy you put in, is equal to the money you get out of it. The correlation between energy put in and money you get out, will soon tell you whether your business is successful.

I want to go a bit further and look at the relation between money and energy from a different point of view. Yes, I do take the standpoint that there is a definite relation between money and energy. I look at it from two viewpoints:

  1. Money = Energy: I’m a full-time writer. I do different types of writing. From working on my next book to writing articles and landing pages for clients’ websites, my days are spent behind my laptop, crunching out words to the best of my ability. For a long time I did it on a part-time, hobby-like basis and didn’t earn much from it. Lo and behold, I ran out of energy! I started begrudging pieces I had to write and the people I was writing it for. I needed to have a good think about what I was doing and I realized: I was the one underestimating the value of my writing! I was the one not paying myself because I was giving my most valuable asset away, sometimes for free! I tested the water and started asking to be paid more – and out of all my clients, only one refused. Needless to say this was the one overloading me with so much work that I could hardly have a meal with my husband. I ended up losing his business but the moment he pulled his business from me and I started writing only for the people who considered my work worth paying good money for, I got my energy back. Suddenly, the words started flowing again and the articles rolled from my hard drive one after another – good, inspired writing my clients raved about and they still keep coming back for more.
  2. Energy = Money: Writing is hard work and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. I put a lot of energy into my writing but at the end of the day, I am finally seeing the fruits of my labour. I already explained how I found the energy to write better and more when I started getting paid an honest amount for what I was doing. But an odd thing happened: I started getting paid more, sometimes without even asking for it. The more energy I put into what I love doing, the easier money started coming in. Looking back on it, it almost seems a bit surreal. Money was paid into my account without me having to ask for it. I have never been good at asking for money (it is so bad that I at one point considered employing a business manager!) but suddenly I did not have to go after people for my money. Clients started contacting me, reminding me to invoice them! It was clear that the energy I put into my writing, was attracting money.

Back to the question whether there is any direct correlation between energy and money, I would say yes, there definitely is. Find what energizes you and put your efforts into that one thing and you will see how your passion gives you energy which then turns into money.

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Elmarie Porthouse is a freelance writer who specializes in ghost-writing content for websites. You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.
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11 Responses to Money is Energy is Money

  1. Well said, Elmarie’
    The moment you value yourself more, other people start to value you more too.

  2. Bill van de Graaff says:

    Heart and Soul, Thanks Elmarie!

  3. David Ingham says:

    Thanks Elmarie loved your post and learning loads to, I like what you are doing and you might even be able to help me with some articles on my blog be gentle with me as I am just getting started lol.

    I have been following the Internet Marketing Formula for the Past week and I have made so many contacts. I did not even use G+ before the course and now I have made so many new contacts in just in a couple of weeks.

    I read your profile on your G+ account WOW what a small world I am from Cape Town but been living in the UK now for 12 years how time flies. I setup my blog with Sean and in my 4 month now. I am doing the 12 month course and it’s going really well but still learning 🙂

    The Content Marketing Formula has been a Turbo Charger for my Blog so the timing is perfect.

    Looking forward in speak to you soon.


    David Ingham

    • Elmarie says:

      Hi David,

      Sean’s Content Marketing Formula is a great program. No matter how long you have been involved with blogging or online marketing, you always need to be rejuvenated and this program does exactly that.

      As far as being from Cape Town, I still miss it every single day. I will always think it is the most beautiful place in the world. My soul feels at rest at the mountain. I plan on going to see my daughters there early next year.

      When you need help with article-writing, let me know. I have a passion for writing and seeing other people’s blogs and websites do well. I love the feeling I get when I know I played some small part in it.

      I look forward to keeping in contact on all the different platforms.

      Kind regards.

  4. David Ingham says:

    Elmarie awesome to have connected with you. Can you write articles for me on my Blog would be great to get a different perspective. I have had my Blog for 4 months now so still new at this I am passionate about creating a lifestyle working from home hence my blog name work from home career.

    Plus I am an affiliate with Karatbars International that sells gold in 1 gram, 2.5 gram, 5 gram Karatbars Cards. I just get people to create a savings plan in Gold and help others to do the same. So effectively a am creating a group of Gold savers and earning a commission every time someone purchases Karatbars Gold Cards which is a good thing.

    I believe its better to diversify your investments and not just leave then in cash savings.As who knows what will happen in the future if governments just keep printing money and no one to pay it back.

    My main focus is to help people save in Gold and for those that want to create an online business with Karatbars International can become an affiliate and i will train them and support them as part of a team.

    Let me know how it works from your end how often you can you write articles for me and your payment structure and if this is practical for you 🙂


    David Ingham

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