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At the end of the week I’m ready for a good laugh. So on Fridays I don’t just post a Friday Funny; I actually spend time enjoying a good laugh. And today, laughs are supplied by Marc Lottering.

Marc Lottering, One of South Africa’s Best Comedians

marc lottering videoMy work can sometimes be very serious. Writing marketing copy and sales pitches for all kinds of products and services don’t really allow for many smiles. In fact, it can be gruelling work and sometimes downright depressing when things don’t go the way you want.

Those are the times I make a beeline for YouTube and one of my favourite channels to spend time on, is Marc Lottering’s. My children grew up watching (a little cleaned up) Marc Lottering videos. I remember going to a comedy show ¬†where he was doing his stand-up routine – his shoes looked like mirrors! Not just nice and clean, real mirrors!

Marc Lottering, my friends, newborns and grandchildren

Since quite a few of my friends recently had children and one even became a grandfather for the first time, I would like to start our Funny Friday off with Marc Lottering’s idea on newborns.

Children don’t stay newborn for long. Then they grow up and that bring its own unique insights into life with children and grandchildren.

Ending with Marc Lottering as Aunty Merle

We can’t have a Funny Friday with Marc Lottering without watching at least one of his Aunty Merle performances. Here, Aunty Merle is preparing for her trip to Toronto, Canada, to watch the Marc Lottering show. (See if you can recognize Aunty Merle in the video!)

For those who aren’t familiar with South African culture, Marc Lottering captured the culture of middle-aged women perfectly with his character, Aunty Merle. Aunty Merle became as famous and well loved in South Africa as Marc Lottering himself.


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