Make this New Moon a Time to Regain Balance

Tonight there is a new Moon in our sky. And like the Moon is starting a new cycle, let’s all take time to see what we have in our lives that need to be made new. What is there that is disturbing the balance and stealing your energy?

new moon time to regain balance and start freshOn this day of the new Moon, take time to re-evaluate your life. Do you keep a balance between what you have to do and what you want to do? Or are you running from the one responsibility to the next?

Find the Balance During this New Moon

Work hard at something you enjoy. Let your daily chores fulfil you.

Eat well. Eat slow and enjoy each bite.

Exercise. Dance, even when you don’t feel like it. Your body and your soul craves the expression by movement.

Sleep. Find a haven where you can close your eyes and just drift away.

Meditate. In the stillness you will hear the voice whispering the answer that has always been there.

Love. Through love you will express the true meaning of your humanity.

May you find your balance and with that your happiness, peace and fulfilment during this new Moon.

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