I Hate Shonda Rhimes!

There, I finally blurted it out: I hate Shonda Rhimes! I know it sounds a bit crass, especially considering I never met her, but this woman has come and turned my life upside down – not once, but over and over again.

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As a writer I am supposed to love reading. So many articles that give advice about writing tell you that, in order to be a good writer, you have to also read. I have even given this advice to writers in some of my own articles! But this is where my little secret lies: I don’t like to read – well, not anymore.

Somewhere between reading and rereading my own work and reading manuscript after manuscript sent to me by authors wanting to have their books published, I lost my love of reading. I’m not saying that I don’t read at all; I spend about half my day reading, doing research for whatever client I’m writing for on that day.

The secret business starts at night when I close down my laptop for the day, before I retire for the night. Instead of opening a book and delving into composition and plot as a good writer is supposed to do, I turn on the television. Yes, I admit it, I prefer watching television over reading anything.

So What Does This Have to Do With the Fact That I Hate Shonda Rhimes?

If this was an AA meeting of some sorts, I would have to get up and say:

“Hello, my name is Elmarié Porthouse and I’m a Shonda Rhimes addict.”

I guess like an alcoholic is supposed to hate alcohol, I’m supposed to hate Shonda Rhimes. But I just can’t and I have to admit, I don’t see myself kicking the Shonda Rhimes habit soon.

It all started in December, when my daughter suggested that I use the spare time I had on my hands to watch Grey’s Anatomy. Believe it or not, I never watched even one episode before then. But when my daughter heard that I love Scandal – another series written by Shonda – we just had to watch the hospital drama as well. Big mistake!

My whole December, then January, then February slipped by in a cloud of heart wrenching human tragedy. After the holidays we were just about done with season 4, so every day we sped through work as quickly as possible so that we could return to the lives of Derek, Meredith, Miranda, George, Alex and the rest of the hospital staff.

Every night we went to bed, completely drained by the turmoil of human emotion that had held us in its grip for the past few hours. From George dying a fiery death after being hit by a bus to a man whose warts turned him into something resembling a tree – a tree that housed a cockroach, we couldn’t get enough.

I’m still wondering about Lexie’s abrupt exit. George, Mark, Derek, they all had several episodes devoted to people thinking back on their lives, missing them, recounting every precious moment with them. But not Lexie; she died a sudden death and were eaten by wild animals, never to be seen or really thought of ever again – apart from the quick mention that Meredith used to have a sister.

We mourned every death and wallowed in the sensitive side that Alex showed whilst cuddling a dying baby. Brought to tears, I cried harder than I do at my own life.

And then, just as I think that I’m done with all this deep emotion, up comes Scandal. Fitz and Olivia really need to get it together now. I can’t sit through another season, living with them through the longing to be together but pulling away as soon as it becomes possible. How is my heart supposed to hold it?

So yes, I hate Shonda Rhimes. She got me addicted to watching human drama unfold in earth shattering detail. I go to bed at night, having lived through every high and low human emotion has to offer, completely spent by thoughts of how tragic life can be.

Who is Shonda Rhimes?

Shonda Rhimes is the creator, executive producer and head writer of Grey’s Anatomy. The series focuses on the surgical staff at the fictional Seattle Grace Hospital, (later named Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital) in Seattle, Washington.

In 2007, Rhimes created the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off series Private Practice. The show showed the life of Dr. Addison Montgomery as she left Seattle Grace Hospital for Los Angeles to join a private practice.

Scandal followed, with Kerry Washington starring as Olivia Pope, a political crisis management expert who is partially based on former Bush administration press aide, Judy Smith.

Her latest endeavor is called The Catch, based on the Kate Atkinson novel. Other shows Shonda Rhimes has been involved in are Off the Grid and How to Get Away with Murder.

I hate Shonda Rhimes but she must please never stop writing. Where else will I get my regular fix of human drama and deep emotion?

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