Where it all Began: The Hunkiest Man in the Universe

At the beginning of a year it’s good to look forward, to set goals and make plans for the year ahead. But you can’t look forward without looking back.

unclear road ahead

So many others have been doing Throwback Thursday. I looked on it, frowning in dismay. Why would one want to look back? We should look forward, to the path ahead of us. Until I recently started thinking about what I wanted for myself, my family and my business in the year to come and realized that, without looking back, I find it difficult to see the path ahead of me.

In that moment my intent became clear; no matter what I would take on in the year ahead, I want to have a Throwback Thursday because, just maybe, looking back can help me see the path ahead of me a little clearer. So bear with me as I go back in time. Sometimes I may go back to many years ago, sometimes not so much. I may even decide to look back on the path of another – we have many lessons to learn from the path others walked. But as I look back I hope to find a clearer vision of my own path that lies ahead.

The Hunkiest Man in the Universe – Much Bigger than I Thought

After moving to Australia I had to decide what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I didn’t want to go back to teaching and going back into the hotel business sounded like way too much work. I don’t think I have that much energy anymore!

Since I have always wanted to write, doing something where I could utilize this talent, quickly became a no-brainer. I was going to write!

But what would I write? A book, articles for magazines? Out of boredom I surfed the internet. I saw so many blogs and realized that there had to be something to it. My curiosity turned into full-blown research – a new writer was born.

After a couple of weeks of non-stop research my husband came and asked what I was keeping myself so busy with. I tried to explain the world of online marketing to him – the look of apprehension on his face made me even more determined to learn how to do this.

He didn’t understand much of what I was doing. In fact, he seemed utterly bored when I tried to explain. Until the words ‘I will show you that I can get you on the front page of Google’ escaped my mouth and set me a task I didn’t feel ready for. Before I could take it back, he asked me when I can show him. I asked him for a week.

Tony Porthouse hunkiest man

The Hunkiest Man in the Universe with his sons

I started writing. I posted an article about The Hunkiest Man in the Universe, posted a video to YouTube, created a Facebook group – that was the sum total of what I understood about SEO at the time.

Three days later my hunk was having his nanna nap (those who know him know how seriously he takes his midday nap!) and I was fiddling around online. I was tired, my brain felt like it would burst from everything I had learnt and I was close to throwing in the towel, to packing it in and calling the Education Department for an application form when I happened to type Hunkiest Man in the Universe into Google’s search bar. He was on top! My hunky husband took up four of the first five spots in Google after only three days!

I jumped up from my desk, ran to our bedroom (yes, I can still run when the adrenaline is pumping, but only then) and woke the man out of a deep sleep. He looked stunned, confused, utterly dismayed.

‘Come, I have to show you! You have to see!’

Words can’t describe the look on his face. To see himself somewhere on the internet that is not just Facebook must have been mind boggling to him. It was there in black and white, and all other colours of the Google rainbow: Tony Porthouse is the hunkiest man in the universe.

I know all the reasons why it was easy to get it in search results so quickly – and why it has been so easy to keep it there. But at the time it gave me the resolve to hang in there; it helped me carry on typing on those days when it felt like my fingers wouldn’t move over one more key.

It is now almost three years later. I just checked, my feeble attempts at SEO are now filling nine of the first ten spots in Google. I smile when SEO companies send me long emails about getting my websites on the first page of Google and think to myself: I can do this, I’m a damn good writer and if all else fails, I’m still married to the hunkiest man in the universe!

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Elmarie Porthouse is a freelance writer who specializes in ghost-writing content for websites. You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.
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  1. How wonderful, love it, you have your hunk at #1 and lol I have tomatoes at #1, good to see a post from you!

    • Elmarie says:

      Thanks, Jennifer. Well done! I think getting tomatoes to #1 must have been much more difficult than convincing Google my husband is the hunkiest man in the universe! 🙂

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