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Baptism, Elmarie Porthouse

My parents and I on the day of my baptism

I was born in Bloemfontein, South Africa, in 1967. With a father in the South African Police Force, we moved around a lot. I attended Andries Pretorius Primary School in Durban. When I was 11, we moved to Nylstroom, where I attended high school.

I have 3 beautiful daughters and along with my husband, Tony, they are my inspiration.

Jianni is the oldest. From a young age, she was always the one to ‘mother’ everyone around her. If I got sick, she was the one who would cook dinner for everyone. I still see that same qualities in her today in the way she still wants to look after and care for family, friends and even her clients.

Elmarie Porthouse children

Our 5 children on Marisél’s wedding day: Jianni, Jean-Marí, Marisél, Jason and Francis.

Marisél was born 4 years after Jianni. She was always the one who enjoyed spending time with her books and she got her Bachelors in Psychological Counseling. She married Timothy in September 2012.

Although everybody always refers to how tall Jean-Marí is, she will always be my baby. She is a beautiful young woman who recently decided to move into her own place.

I met Tony online through mutual friends. After a long friendship, we met and fell in love. He always says that since the first time he laid eyes on me, he knew he was not going to let me go. We got married on a stormy Friday afternoon in September 2011. Since that day I have 3 daughters and also 2 sons, Jason and Francis.

Tony Porthouse, Elmarié Porthouse

Tony and I on our wedding day

In 2011 I moved to Queensland, Australia, where I spend my days writing and basking in the beautiful Gold Coast sunshine.

I worked in the hotel industry, as a financial planner and later became a teacher.  After moving to Australia, I started an online business with my husband. However, I spend most of my time pursuing my true passion, writing.

There are so many things that inspire my writing but most of all I am inspired by the people around me. Two people I want to write about one day, are my own parents. Both of them are truly remarkable people. It was Ernest Hemingway who said that writing is easy, you just sit in front of the typewriter and bleed. He did not say that some of that bleeding is just too close to your heart and thereforetoo much to bear. So their stories will have to wait a bit longer.

Over the years I have met so many people and have been able to share part of their life’s journey with them. Many days when I sit in front of my laptop and do not know where the stories will come from, I think back on all the inspirational people who have crossed my path over the years and their stories flow onto the screen.

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  1. Hi Elmarie, I followed you from the Link Party. I’m also a South African expat and a writer, living in the US. I’ve published a memoir, but fiction is really where my heart is at. Nice to meet you and good luck with your project; please stop by my blog sometime. -Belinda.

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